CirQ-Life 冰島深海魚油 1000mg (成人配方)


功效 Function:


  • 保護心血管功能 Protect cardiovascular function
  • 維持關節健康 Keep the joints healthy
  • 促進血液循環 Promote blood circulation
  • 控制免疫系統的平衡 Control the balance of immune system
  • 穩定情緒 Stabilizing emotion


  • 活化腦部細胞機能 Activation of brain cell function
  • 預防腦細胞退化 Prevention of brain cell degradation
  • 強化記憶力、集中力 Improve memory and concentration
  • 加強思考能力、認知能力 Improve the ability of thinking and cognition
  • 補充眼部養分、維持健康視力 Supply eyes nutrient, maintain vision health
  • 改善糖尿病 Improving Diabetes
  • 改善老年痴呆症 Improving Alzheimer’s disease
  • 減輕過敏和發炎反應 Reduce allergies and inflammatory reactions


使用方法 How to use:

As a dietary supplement, take one gelcapsule two times per day with water, during meals.


注意 Caution:

Consult your healthcare provider before use if you are taking a blooding-thinning medication


成分 Ingredients:

Fish Oil, Natural lemon oil, Glycerol, Purified water, Vitamin E, Natural antioxidants


產品規格 Content:

  • 120粒 (膠囊) 120 capsules (gelcapsules)

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